Welcome to MaMpf, the Mathematical Media platform of Heidelberg University.

MaMpf is a constantly growing project which bundles various e-learning services. Thanks to the tagging system im MaMpf you will quickly and easily find all existing media to a keyword. In addition, MaMpf links keywords and visualizes the connections in Mind maps. In MaMpf you have the following at your disposal:
  • Hypervideos: Lecture recordings, Worked Examples and repetition videos with content structure and links to related materials
  • Hypertexts: Lecture notes, exercise sheets and additional materials with in MaMpf searchable outline and links
  • Quizzes: compiled from a large collection of Multiple Choice Questions and calculation tasks, and guided proofs
Curious? On our Blog and on Researchgate you can find more information and news about MaMpf. Here you can find a guided tour of MaMpf.